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How to Measure

Measurements for the TRAVEL Rig

How To Obtain The Measurements

Equipment for Measuring

1st Measurement - Back Width

Measure the width of the back. The width of the back is determined by measuring the back from one shoulder to the other. The measurement points are the two prominent elevations on the outside of the shoulder or shoulder bone.

2nd Measurement – Pelvic 2 Pelvic

Measure the width of the pelvis. For an exact measurement, mark the anteriormost and uppermost point of your pelvic bone and measure from one side over the back to the other side.

3rd Measurement – Nipple 2 Pelvic

Measure from one of the marked points on the pelvic bone up to the nipple above. Stand up straight and look straight ahead.

4th Measurement – Nipple 2 Neck

Now measure from the nipple across the chest to the prominent bone in the neck.

5th Measurement – Chest Circumference

Take the measurement horizontally at the level of the nipples around the chest.

6th Measurement – Neck 2 Belly Button Back

To locate the belly button back point, take a rubber band, slip through it and place it at the level of your belly button. Align the elastic horizontally and measure from the point at the back of your neck down your back to the elastic.

7th Measurement – Pelvic 2 Hip

Now measure from the point in from the 2nd measurement (pelvic) accross to the hip bone.

8th Measurement – Leg

For the last measurement, again place the tape measure on the pelvic point and measure around the inside of the thigh, across the bottom and back to the point. Measure the way the leg strap would run.