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The MARD designed for the TRAVEL

Tailored to the System

TRAVEL Safety Concept


This MARD system features robustness and simplicity. It is easy to install, maintain, activate and deactivate. The system works flawlessly no matter which direction the RSL pulls on the lanyard of the MARD. If the RSL is deactivated, or if the reserve release is actuated directly through the ripcord, the pilot chute pulls the pin out of the loop and conventional extraction of the reserve from the freebag is performed.

Reserve Bridle with S´MARD

The bridle is 60cm / 2ft longer than on most other systems. A longer bridle is more likely to reach beyond the burbles, particularly when wingsuit flying. The reserve pilotchute, due to the design of the bridle with the S'MARD, is not restrained during a manual release of the reserve or an AAD fire and is able to utilize the full length of the bridle to clear burbles.

RSL with Collins Lanyard

The RSL is an integral part of the MARD system and is standard on the TRAVEL. It is possible to deactivate the S'MARD system by detaching the RSL shackle from the riser and stowing it on a provided stowage tag.

Spectra Line Reserve Ripcord

The reserve ripcord consists of a Specra line with built-in elastic. This design has already proven its value in other systems. The excess length is regulated by the elastic and has a good response when actuated.

Reserve Freebag

The freebag is made of uncoated Cordura 500 and no Velcro is used to store the lines. To preserve the integrity of the lines, the pocket for the lines is closed with tabs.

Reserve Pilotchute

The spring of the pilotchute is the strongest one available. With a 25gk force it launches the pilotchute in combination with the longer reserve bridle further beyond the burbles when initiated. If the MARD takes care of the deployment, the strong spring of course has no negative effect on the performance of the S´MARD. The spring escapes from the container very easily with only four flaps closing the reserve container.